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The Holy Land Bible Bee – A Project Run on Faith

Root Source is a non-denominational not‑for-profit organization that runs the International Holy Land Bible Bee ONLINE, a yearly Bible competition for each major Christian movement, and separate, non-competitive Bible tours and other educational programs for lay Christians.

Holy Land Bible Bee programs are sponsored by love offerings of some of the participants themselves. People on limited budgets, from third world countries, etc., are also invited to participate, so we are prayerfully and by faith expecting some participants to shoulder their loads and “pay as the spirit moves” them. No suggested price is indicated nor is any payment required to participate. We trust in the Lord that He will provide through generous agents of His will.

Thank you for listening to the Lord’s call to support our mission.

We aim to cover our modest budget of $120,000.

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This page and the Donate button below are not to be construed as a solicitation, but simply as an enabler for people to step forward and up to the plate. By clicking the button below, you can make a secure donation via Paypal or your own credit card.