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  • Do you have a wide online sphere of influence? A popular mailing list, a blog or website? Be a Promotional Partner.
  • Tell your friends in your contact list or your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Organize a team from your school, church or¬†organization (coming soon).
  • Get interviewed about being a contestant: if you want to share your feelings about the quiz, your excitement…
  • Make a short video about the Holy Land Bible Bee: Did you see that video on our front page? Think you could make a good one too? A better one?
  • Participate in the discussion on our blog and Facebook pages.
  • Make a donation
  • Tell your friends or company to make a donation.
  • submit a question or questions that we might use in the quizzes.
  • Some other way that we haven’t even thought of – those are the best kind!
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