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Holy Land Bible Bee Online Quiz and Israel Championship!

What’s on the agenda?

  1. Download your free Holy Land Bible Bee Bible Structure and Overview: This overview will help you get ready to study for the Bible Quiz. (NOTE: You will need to actually read the Bible and not just the study guide in order to win the Holy Land Bible Bee.)
  2. Take the Try Me Quiz – link here. This will give you a feel of what the real quizzes are like. You can take the Try Me quiz as many times as you like (official quizzes can be taken only once).
  3. Start studying for the Quarterfinal – book list and recommended study schedule here
  4. Join in the discussion at our Facebook group and/or forum on this site (coming soon) so you have help studying here. It is the Holy Land Bible Bee learning community! Here you will prepare yourself and help others to prepare for the Holy Land Bible Bee ONLINE Quiz and Israel Championship. It’s a co-opetition – cooperation in learning, competition for prizes.

You will also be getting frequent study guide emails with sample questions and study tips, and links to daily podcasts/videos, readings from the study units as per the Holy Land Bible Bee Study Scheduler.

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