Message for jewish leader

A note from Gidon Ariel, the initiator and director, about the Holy Land Bible Bee for interested Israelis and Jews:

Because I realize that any activity dealing with Christians can be sensitive for some Israelis and Jews, I provide the following clarification.

This project is aimed exclusively at a Christian audience. My ideological goal and justification for this project as an Orthodox Zionist Jew is to strengthen Christian support and love of the Land of Israel, the State of Israel, the Jewish People, and the Old Testament (Jewish Tanach). In order to not “preach to the choir” of Christians who are already strong lovers of all these, we are also including questions from the New Testament to attract other kinds of Christians as well. The quiz questions writer, the committee of leaders who vet the quizzes, and the tour guide are all Christians. As per standard practice for tours of this type, at no point during the Israel trip do participants have any opportunity to engage in missionizing “man on the street” Jews, and they are briefed to refrain from doing so. In practice, this program is similar in this aspect to any tour of Israel in which Christian tour groups see the Holy Land with the guidance of a pro-Israel Christian tour guide.