Message to Christian Leaders

Dear Friend,

I am happy and excited to share an important Biblical educational project.

Building on the popularity of the Internet, social media, and the like, Root Source (a not for profit organization) is launching an innovative new program – the Holy Land Bible Bee ONLINE! This program focuses on many important values, including Bible study, proficiency in both the New and Old Testaments, Christian fellowship and unity, familiarity and support of Israel, and especially… Fun!

The Holy Land Bible Bee ONLINE is open to all English speaking Christian teens and adults with access to the Internet. It is completely free of charge. Participants take an initial quiz, and then advance to the next levels. These levels consist of a Quarterfinal, a Semifinal, and the Online Final quiz. Each quiz is of increasing difficulty, with a 40-day study interval period between each phase. Upon completion of the last online quiz, the top twelve contestants will go on an all-expenses-paid tour and championship Bible Bee in Israel in March 2012. In parallel, we are holding a drawing for one free ticket to come on the Israel leg of the program as a full participant in the tour and a member of the audience at the final broadcast event.

Please see for the “whole picture.”

We have letters of endorsement in hand from several Israeli and Christian leaders, with more in the pipeline.

We are excited that the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are on board, with pledges to help, including a half day Israel Advocacy program in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself.

Root Source has decided to share the excitement of this educational program with leading ministries with whom we have common vision and values.

We would like to invite you and your organization to join us as a Christian Leader promotional partner. Promotional partners will send out materials prepared by us through their websites, blogs, email lists and other influential platforms.

TV, radio, and print media owners and publishers are invited to interview and feature the Holy Land Bible Bee.

I look forward to meeting with you in person or by phone or Skype to discuss the program in more detail, to explore how your organization can participate, and to hear your comments!

Gidon Ariel, Director
The Holy Land Bible Bee
“Where the Land and the Word Meet”
a project of Holy Land and Word Educational Initiatives
US line (845) 445-1604


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