About Us

Root Source is a non-denominational not‑for-profit organization that promotes the knowledge of and love for God’s Bible, Land, and People amongst Christians worldwide. Its activities include lectures, discussion forums, and trips to Israel. Root Source runs the International Holy Land Bible Bee ONLINE, exclusive Bible competitions for each major Christian movement, and separate, non-competitive Bible Tours for lay Christians.

Root Source embraces the following value goals:

  • Enhancing Christians’ affinity with the Bible
  • Fostering a love of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People among participants and their friends and family and the Christian world at large
  • Serving as a bridge between the Christian and Jewish faith communities

The Holy Land Bible Bee is a six-month to year long program culminating in a tour of Israel including sightseeing, trekking, studying (both in the classroom and in the field) and a championship final event broadcast worldwide.

Gidon Ariel, veteran Jewish-Christian Friendship Cultivator, is the co-founder of Root Source and the Director of the Holy Land Bible Bee ONLINE. Gidon founded and directs (with his wife Devra) the Holy City Prayer Society (www.holycityprayer.com), an organization dedicated to promoting the value of prayer among Jews and Christians worldwide. Gidon also is the founder and moderator of the fast growing Facebook group, “Jews Who Love Christians Who Love Jews (And The Christians Who Love Them).”

Lesley Richardson, the question writer of the Holy Land Bible Bee, is a Christian who loves the land and people of Israel. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband David, a Canadian pastor whom she met and married in the Holy City. Together they have a ministry feeding Jerusalem’s poor and homeless. Lesley has degrees in English and Theology, and loves the Bible, not simply because it is great literature, but because it contains God’s unfailing word and promises.

The Holy Land Bible Bee Quiz Committee

Christine Darg is the President of Exploits Ministry, www.exploits.tv and an award-willing author, satellite and internet broadcaster, international conference speaker and healing evangelist who leads a ministry of reconciliation from Jerusalem. She spearheads Gospel campaigns in the Muslim world as well as annual prayer conferences for Israel.


Pastor David Decker is the son of a Baptist minister, raised in New England  by his devoutly Christian parents to love Israel and the precious Jewish people. He made “aliyah” (ascent) to Israel in 1980 as an Evangelical Christian Zionest, and has lived there ever since. David currently pastors a small but vibrant congregation called “Living Stones Fellowship.” His first book, “Revival From Zion – 50 Reasons Why Christians Should Support the Building of the 3rd Jewish Temple” was published in Jerusalem in December 2004 and sold out after two printings.

Aaron Eime

Rev. Cheryl Hauer has been with Bridges for Peace since 1991. She currently serves as deputy to the International President and CEO and oversees the work of five Bridges for Peace National offices. She speaks internationally on behalf of the organization, teaches on a variety of Israel related topics, and is an ordained minister and a published author with extensive experience in Jewish-Christian relations.


Malcolm Hedding

Wayne Hilsden

Owen Hoskin has been a Church Elder since 1978 and is the current direct of AISJ. In the past he has been the principal of 3 high schools in New Zealand and the chair of PFI New Zealand.

Dr. Susanna Kokkonen originally from Finland, is the Director of the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem at the International Relations Division of Yad Vashem since April 2008. She also holds the additional positions of country Director for Italy and Scandinavia within Yad Vashem’s International Relations Division. Prior to Yad Vashem, Dr. Kokkonen worked at the European Parliament in Brussels and at the Embassy of Finland in Tel Aviv. She recieved her PhD from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2004 in Holocaust Studies.