How well do you know the Word of the Lord?

Testing your BQ (“Bible Quotient”) is the best way to know for sure, and it can bring you closer to Him than ever before with a free trip to Israel, the Land where He lived.

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This is your chance to study the word of God and participate in an exciting, free, online quiz.

It’s the Holy Land Bible Bee Online Quiz and Israel Championship, sponsored by Root Source, a not-for-profit organization. It all starts with a twenty question online quiz, with the grand finale held in Jerusalem in January 2013. Finalists for the contest will be flown to the Holy City for the main event and a great ten day tour of the Holy Land.

Anyone who loves the Bible can win.

There will be four rounds of the contest to get to the Championship, which will be held in Jerusalem:

Pre-Qualifying Round – You take an online quiz with twenty Bible questions to see how much you know and whether or not you are able to continue on the path toward the final round. This round takes place online after you register.

Second, Third and Fourth Round – Each subsequent round of the contest will have 60 questions. These will be held online as well, with at least forty days between each round to allow you to study. After these online rounds, twelve finalists will be flown to Jerusalem for the contest.

The all expenses paid program includes airfare and accommodations and visits to the following sites and more:

  • Jesus Boat and Museum
  • Capernaum, Beatitudes
  • Boat Ride on Sea of Galilee
  • Kotel and Kotel Tunnels (the Western Wall)
  • City of David
  • Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Museum)
  • Machaneh Yehuda Market (the world famous Jerusalem outdoor market, very much like one that Jesus Himself might have visited in His time)
  • Masada
  • Ein Gedi (Nachal David)
  • Bible Lands Museum
  • Foreign Ministry
  • Megiddo, Bet Shean

Your trip to the Holy Land will culminate with a live event in Jerusalem, the Holy Land Bible Bee Grand Final and Israel Championship, broadcast worldwide over the Internet. Christian leaders and Israeli Government officials will grace this amazing event with their presence. It’s going to be one of the most exciting Christian events in the Holy Land since Jesus Himself walked there!

Register for the Holy Land Bible Bee Online Quiz NOW!

Read what some of our friends have to say about the Holy Land Bible Bee.

“By participating in this contest youth across America will have the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of their faith, a richer understanding of the Bible and a deepened sense of commitment to the Gospel. Once you visit Israel you will never be the same.”
Stas Misezhnikov MK
Minister of Tourism

“As the Mayor of Jerusalem I invite you to take advantage of this excellent educational program. Christian youth from all over the world will be inspired to study the Word of God and visit the City of God and bring their excitement back to their home towns.”
Nir Barkat
Mayor of Jerusalem

“The common denominator of the Bible breaks down barriers and allows us to focus on what is really important, understanding what G-D wants from us in this world. I highly commend the initiators of this fine program, echoing the endorsements of other Christian leaders and Israeli Government ministers as well.”
Wayne Hilsden
Senior Pastor, King of Kings Community Jerusalem

So go ahead and sign up right now for the Holy Land Bible Bee and show us how much you know about the Bible. And even if you don’t win the Quiz, you are registered automatically for the Free Trip to Israel Drawing, in which one lucky winner will come with the finalists to the Holy Land.

Got Questions?

Want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions about the Holy Land Bible Bee and Online Quiz:

Do I have to live in the United States?

The twelve finalists of the Quiz will participate in an English language led tour of Israel and an English language Championship Quiz event. Anyone who can answer the questions of the Quiz can participate irrespective of where they live. In the future we plan to hold programs for non-English speaking people as well.

Why are you sponsoring this? Is there a catch?

We believe that a biblically educated Christian is a good Christian. Our aim is to help Christian Bible educators to do their job. We also think that a visit to Israel, the Holy Land where Jesus lived, is a vital part of any Christian’s religious grounding.

What is your privacy policy?

We will never share your personal information with anyone without your permission. See Our Privacy Policy for more details.

Do I have to be Christian to participate?

Legally, Holy Land Bible Bee programs do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or religion. However all programs, including the Quizzes, the Championship and the Israel Tour, are aimed at a Christian audience.

Are the questions based on the Old Testament, the New Testament or both?

Questions are from selected books in both the Old and New Testament. See the list of books included in the study materials.

Do I really have a chance to win?

Absolutely. We think that a mere 10 to 30 minutes of Bible study a day according to the Study Scheduler that we provide is enough to cover the materials. Even if you do not win the prize you will still have covered thousands of Bible verses, so with the Holy Land Bible Bee you are definitely a winner!

Which translation must I use?

We check the major translations for every question we ask. Only questions that have answers that are identical in all translations are used.

Who decides what the right answers are? My Bible teacher says that the answer I gave was the correct one but you said I was wrong.

There is only one right answer for each Bible question asked. We ask questions that can be answered by an exact quote of a verse in the Bible. We have a Bible Quiz Committee made up of leading Bible scholars who insure this.

Do you cover all expenses for getting me to the Holy Land? What if I need to transfer flights? What about food while I’m there?

The finalists in the Holy Land Bible Bee get an all expenses paid trip to Israel including all flights and all ground expenses.

So wait no longer! Register NOW!

Online Bible Study Program and Quiz

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