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Root Source is excited to offer Christian organizations the opportunity to sponsor a tailor-made Holy Land Bible Bee.

As a leader in your church, you recognize the impact that a direct encounter with the Bible has on a person. And if you’ve ever been to Israel – or even just heard reports from a visitor – you know that even just a visit can be life-changing.

Imagine a program that brings both of these – the Word of God and the Land of God – into the lives of your members!

The Holy Land Bible Bee is just what you’ve been praying for.

Root Source presents the Holy Land Bible Bee. This program, endorsed by Israeli Government ministers and world famous Christian leaders, will help raise interest in and affinity for Scripture along with a love of the Land where Christianity began.

The Holy Land Bible Bee is a six-month to year long program leading up to a tour of Israel including sightseeing, trekking, studying (both in the classroom and in the field) and a championship final event broadcast worldwide.

Modeled on successful educational competitions, such as the United States National Spelling Bee and the International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth (Chidon HaTanakh), the Holy Land Bible Bee is a new and exciting way to engage Christian youth in their faith and encourage them to study the Bible and continue to enhance their spiritual identity as a Christian.

Starting on “home turf” of the local church of every young budding Bible scholar and finishing with a tour of Jerusalem, the Galilee, and the entire Holy Land, the Holy Land Bible Bee has something for everyone!

Root Source puts you in direct contact with the people who have over fifty years of experience running the official International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth. We can provide sample questions and curriculum for you to build on for your own ministry. And we provide the itineraries and guides that will make your Israel trip an unforgettable life shaping experience.

Bible Tours for Lay Christians

As the official organizers of the Holy Land Bible Bee, Root Source can provide a Bible based tour of Israel like no other. Christians who want an introductory tour of the Land of the Bible, a more in-depth study tour, or even a “mini-Bible Bee,” can work with us to create the Bible-based week, fortnight or month that will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

If you are interested in an innovative, challenging and exciting Bible-based Holy Land experience for your movement, please contact us. We look forward to having you on board!

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